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New features are showing up all over the site, a few each month. I am always in the process of adding many more. The latest additions are listed here. It may be updated more slowly than the mailing list, though, so be aware and sign up! Also check out the articles and lyrics, which are not listed here. If you want to stay up to date on ALL of what's new (plus trivia and lyrics), please sign up for the mailing list.

This list goes from new to old, with the newest stuff at the top:

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More lyrics, over 9000.. New kartoons and Tyagaraja app! (6/16)

Updated songlist (9/07)

Kartoon 20 (9/07)

The second of karnATik's contests, a quiz with prizes (9/07)

Audio in AIFF format for iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Quicktime (9/07)

More singers and songs (7/07)

Kartoon 19 (7/07)

Expanded janya raga list (11/06)

Kartoon 18 (11/06)

K Ramaraj compositions with audio added (11/06)

New singers and songs added (11/06)

Cellphone ringtones for your mobile phone (9/06)

Do's and Don'ts of performing and practicing (9/06)

Kartoon 17 (9/06)

Kartoon 15 and 16 (8/06)

Article contest and results (7/06)

History and Ragas by time of day in the Tour (7/06)

Visitor audio and biographies (7/06)

New kartoon number 14 (6/06)

More bhajans by Meera and Tulsidas (6/06)

More nottuswaras or notes (6/06)

100 more lyrics now up to 2400 (6/06)

New kartoon number 13 (2/06)

Carnatic gifts for your friends and family (2/06)

New kartoon number 12 (1/06)

2005 Contributions came to $620! (1/06)

Melakarta chart downloadable pdf (1/06)

New kartoon number 11 (12/05)

Article contest to enter (12/05)

Dance books a new list (12/05)

New kartoon number 10 (11/05)

Tyagaraja songs more lyrics and meanings (11/05)

RSS feed of the karnATik finds (11/05)

Tyagaraja and Saraswati coloring pages (11/05)

Tyagaraja song meanings, for the first 75 of his compositions (10/05)

Carnatic sampler, audio of a selection of songs (10/05)

Audio, lyrics and meaning for more songs (09/05)

Download zipped lessons directly (07/05)

New kartoon number 9 (07/05)

New kartoon number 9 (07/05)

Downloadable audio - zipped lessons are available with a click (07/05)

New server - karnATik moves permanently to karnatik.com (07/05)

Audio for lyrics on Shivkumar Kalyanaraman's Krithi Archive (05/05)

New kartoon number 8 (05/05)

Music is forever part 8 (05/05)

Raga search makes finding a raga faster (03/05)

New kartoon number 7 (03/05)

Music is forever part 7 (03/05)

Donate to Tsunami victims (01/05)

Music is forever part 6 (01/05)

New kartoon number 6 (01/05)

Udavum Karangal - Partnered with ways you can help (07/04)

Teacher and musician list - Get listed! (07/04)

New kartoon number 5 (07/04)

Music is forever part 5 - The News. (07/04)

Coloring pages for mridangam and veena. (06/04)

Concert notes to download and print to keep track of songs performed. (06/04)

Music is forever part 4 - The Basketball Game. (06/04)

Online Shruti Box - Any pitch, so you can keep track of your shruti, tambura-style. (06/04)

Music is forever part 3 - Music lessons. (2/04)

New kartoon number 4. (2/04)

Downloads available on karnATik. (2/04)

Raga Rasas with raga lists for each rasa or feeling. (2/04)

Index updated - new main front page look for karnATik. (2/04)

Lyrics to ALL Tyagaraja's compositions and many others, now making 2000 song lyrics total. (12/03)

Music is Forever part 2 of our continuing story series. Get hooked. (12/03)

New kartoon number 3. Laugh and enjoy. (12/03)

Notations and audio are linked in partnership with Shivkumar Kalyanaraman's Krithi Archive (8/03).

Teacher resources including freebies like stickers, certificates, etc. (8/03)

Books to buy has a bar linked to Amazon.com Carnatic books. (8/03)

Links has a new section on schools and organizations. (8/03)

Google Carnatic News - the world over (8/03).

Carnatic Poems - add your own! (8/03)

Useful tips and home remedies for musicians and rasikas. (8/03)

Music is forever, our new ongoing soap opera story about Carnatic music. Read and get absorbed! (8/03)

Newsletter Archives are available. If you missed an old newsletter, read it here. (8/03)

Downloadable lessons in zip form. Just ask! (8/03)

Frequently Asked Questions about karnATik. See if yours are here, or ask your own question! (8/03)

Melakartas are now linked to their ragas and each to its list of janya ragas. (7/03)

Swaras updated with more information. (7/03)

New kartoon! - The second in our series. You can also send either one as a greeting card. (7/03)

Keezhstaayi recordings - If the keezhstaayi was too low to hear before, it should be better now. (4/03)

kartoons! - A whole new section of hand-drawn Carnatic comics to split your sides. (4/03)

Lesson PDFs - Lessons are available as a downloadable PDF file in the beginners' section. (2/03)

Audio! - Now ALL varisais as well as alankaarams have both notation and audio. Listen and learn! (12/02)

Forums in Links - The links section now lists discussion forums all over the web! (11/02)

Upcoming events - See Indian arts events and anniversaries all around the world! List yours, too. (11/02)

Java chat - Chat live with other people who enjoy Carnatic music. (11/02)

Guestmap - Fun, feedback, forum, and more in one section. (11/02)

Interact section - Fun, feedback, forum, and more in one section. (11/02)

Privacy policy - We don't share your information. (11/02)

Composition list - Download the list of lyrics we have, for reference anywhere. (11/02)

Madlib - A funny story you can make yourself! (11/02)

Audio for taaTu varisai - Listen to taaTu varisai while you learn your third basic lesson! (11/02)

Audio for jantai varisai - Listen to janta varisai while you learn your second basic lesson! (10/02)

Puzzles! - Try out all of our new word games and Carnatic music puzzles. (10/02)

Lyrics updated - A few new lyrics viewable in four different languages (Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Sanskrit), plus more meanings for songs. (10/02)

New Bhajans section - New section listing the bhajans we have on this site! (10/02)

Composers updated - More biographies of composers. (10/02)

Sangita Kalanidhis - A list of the Sangeetha kalanidhis of the Music Academy over the years. (10/02)

Glossary updated - A new version of the glossary both online and downloadable, with new terms added. (07/02)

Book List - A giant list of books on Carnatic or Indian music. (07/02)
Film songs page - A new listing of film songs alphabetically, with the ragas they are associated with. (07/02)

Links page updated - Our links page has been updated to weed out bad links and add in a few good ones. (04/02)

4 new quizzes - New quizzes on raagas, taaLas, women in Carnatic, and instruments. (04/02)

Audio for sarali varisai - Listen to sarali varisai while you learn your first basic lesson! (04/02)

Articles - Listing of our articles written by musicians and others - interesting reads! (04/02)

karnATik kalendar - Event calendar for all your concerts and events. Add your own, add local events and concerts, and visit often! (03/02)

Varnams - A full list of varNams (hundreds of songs) including raga, tala, type of varNam, and composer. Those with lyrics are linked. (03/02)

karnATik forum - Post messages, discuss music and ragas and songs at our message forum! (03/02)

Lyrics have scales with their ragas! (03/02)

Notes - No, I'm not talking about the notes sa ri ga ma. This is a type of composition. Sing a note today!

Searchable lyrics - Search our database of lyrics for a song. Multiple fields can be searched: song name, raaga, taaLa, composer, deity, language, and song type. For a simplified type-in version, go to the main karnATik page.

Quiz - Take a karnATik quiz and see how much you know. It will score you and give you the right answers, too. How did you do?

Tell a friend - Know someone who would love the site? Tell them about it, complete with your comments, from the main karnATik page on the right.

Downloadable glossary - You can download a pdf version of the glossary for personal use.

Linked lyrics - All the lyrics pages are linked to one another in sequence of when they were added to the site. You can scroll through all of them from beginning to end, just to browse the newest songs or see what's there.

Minipolls - The main page (right side) has 10 different minipolls you can try, from controversial topics to ones for just plain curiosity. They'll rotate randomly so visit often and vote on them all! New ones will be added from time to time.

Mailing list! - You can join the mailing list to get the latest updates of what's new on karnATik, the names and links to newly added songs, plus fascinating trivia and articles.

Updated links section - The links section is now categorized and a bit easier to go through instead of a single LONG list. Find sites that have lyrics quickly.

Visitors' Comments - Want to know what people are saying about the site? I am so glad to see they love it as much as I do. All thanks to the people who help me in so many ways!

Beginners' Lessons - If you want to learn some geetams, swarajatis, notes, varnams, or simple sarali varisai, check here. All are available, with new ones added and full notation (nice and printable!).

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