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Since karnATik has been up and even before it got its name and started as lyrics to a handful of songs, it has been driven by the enthusiasm and confidence and interest of visitors to the site. They have made it really worthwhile for me to continue (with MUCH help, please see my shout outs) adding lyrics and every bit of information I find. It's been fascinating and fun and a lot of hard work. But the satisfaction I see in these people's words makes it more than worth any amount of toil involved. All this appreciation should go mainly to Mr.Lakshman Ragde, who has done the brunt of the work, and to the composers and musicians who made the music.

For the purpose of ensuring confidentiality, names and email addresses have been omitted.

  • I have never found it this easy to navigate a website before!

  • try to provide word-by-word meaning( pratipadaartham) if possible...

  • I am getting back to taking lessons and your site is helping me with my daily practice.

  • A 'google' on Tamil Classical Music brought me to your site and it's wonderful! Now, I can refresh more of the songs that I had learnt, and maybe learn few new ones too!

  • On numerous occasions I have downloaded lyrics from your site. Some of the compositions downloaded are a part of my daily offering to Swami in the evenings.

  • Short cut to your site is always there on my desktop. Whenever I am listening to music and get some doubts, your site is always there to look up and clarify my doubts !

  • I visited your site for the first time today after my friend told me about it. It's simply great-i got to know the names of so many new ragas and felt nice to improve my knowledge of karnatik music.

  • An Exhaustive collection and one of the best websites for Carnatic Music Beginners. Ready-reckoner for all queries/clarifications in the vast ocean of Carnatic Music,for beginners.

  • After a concert, I needed to confirm the raagas I had identified, and to find out the ones I hadn't recognised. Your site gave me all the information I wanted.

  • The article of Enna Thavam with its meaning..really bought tears to my eyes.. too good a song and pretty good an explanation.. kudos to Mr.M.G. Vasudevan.

  • I came to this site looking for some Purandara Dasar's kritis. It was very impressive to see that you have maintained such a large invetory of keertanas. Excellent work. Keep it up. All the best!!!

  • Great website! I thoroughly enjoy the information you have presented here, in particular the Raaga, Composer websites are true treasure-houses.

  • Oh man !! This is too good. Just what I was looking for. I'm still half-way through your site, but thought I'll give my feedback before I get lost in this weird-wired world of Music!

  • This link is amazing and very helpful with my music. I refer to the lyrics for the songs. I have been learning music for more than 15yrs and it a great site for not just learners but for everyone.

  • Yours is a noble service on earth. There is no doubt about it. Learning music is another form of meditation and yogic practice. Keep up your noble work. Please see that this website is not closed. I entirely depend on this website.

  • I'm really stunned to see your site. It has everything I dreamt of about carnatic music . Your life is worth living. Your pain has not gone in vain. The effort, research, work and everything you invested for this work is owesome, but this site itself is the reward for all that.

  • Endaro mahanubhaavulu anthareeki vandanamu!!!
  • Thanks a lot for your quick response. Appreciate your committed efforts in helping the music lovers like me. Now we know whom to ask whenever we need something on carnatic music.

  • It's quite unthinkable, the amount of work you have put together about carnatic music. I am totally indebted to you guys because I started learning and appreciating Carnatic music only because the informations are so arranged and appealing. Its really a wonderful gift to everyone who loves carnatic. I also started distiguishing ragas and your website made me buy a Keyboard and I'm learning new ragas everyday.

  • Your website is absolutely phenomenal! Thank you for maintaining this superb site where hungry souls can find peace!

  • You had taken so much of efforts both technically and musically.

  • Thank you so much for your response. Your site brought back a lot of memories for me, especially of my karnatic learning days ....

  • actually i was astonished when i accidentally had the good fortune to visit your site.it is a herculean task indeed. may god bless you in this endeavor.

  • Words are not enough to convey my deep sense of appreciation for the wonderful work done on this site for the sake of carnatic music and for no monetory benefis. Pray Almigty to give enough strength and energy to continue this matchless efforts for ever.

  • I have been visiting your site since the last 2 years. It is truly a great service you are providing to the karnatik music enthusiasts. I am seeing that the site has been constantly improving in quality and content.

  • I just want to congratulate on your excellent website for Carnatic Music lovers.

  • I think you've done a wonderful job here! The articles are very good and so are the beginner lessons. Keep it up!

  • Thank you for the quick response.I also like the glossary for its clear,brief description of terms that are easily understandable by everybody..Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for maintaining a wonderful website.. I liked the lyrics section very much.

  • really happy to join ur companionship of the great world of carnatic music

  • Thank you & Mr.Ragde very much for taking time to respond to my request. This is a very useful service and I am sure will benefit many karnatik music lovers. Your website is also great.

  • You are too much only. It is one of the best websites I have ever encountered. so much information on one site. It is just awesome. Congratulations. I just wished I had known about this site earlier.

  • This site on Carnatic music is one of the best sites I've seen. I really enjoy browsing through various sections (Especially raga based varnams, kritis etc.) and it is increasing my interest in Carnatic music every time I visit site.

  • I really did not expect such a quick reply and that's great. Thank you very much.I enjoyed ur site very much and pray that u add a lot of colors to it.

  • Your website on Carnatic Krithis is an excellent source of quick reference for krithis of various composers. I warmly thank you for the effort and the time, and hope you extend the list to cover more past and present composers ... to your list.

  • Best reason ever for going back to your page: "we'll donate a penny for every visitor to this page - the money will go to Udavum Karangal , a non-profit organization in India that helps the needy from all walks of life. Now you have yet another reason to keep coming again and again!" I really take this moment to appreciate your service. I'm for one surely impressed. Great work indeed.

Email me if you have comments I can put here. Thanks for visiting karnATik!!!

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