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It's not enough just to listen to tapes and CDs or sing all alone, read up on theory by yourself. It's time to interact and test your skills! This section is information and fun in one!

karnATik forum is a great place to discuss the articles on this site, find meanings and translations, gripe about a singer, praise a concert. Try it out!

karnATik chat is a new place you can directly talk with other people who share your passion for this music.

Guestmap - Where do the people who visit karnATik come from? Click your location on this map and see! (Need Javascript!)

karnATik kalendar tells you the timings of concerts, includes concerts and musicians' birthdays. Add your own event, your concert, or other programs in your area here. Also, check the Upcoming events list on the main page, where you can also add your own event!

Puzzles are a fun way to interact! Try the crossword, the word searches, a jigsaw puzzle, and fill in the words to a wacky Carnatic madlib!

Quiz yourself! If you think you know everything about Carnatic music, think again! Let's see how you do on all these quizzes we have to offer on various topics.

Poetry is essential to beautiful music. Share your own music poems and read those of others here.

Useful Tips relating to Carnatic music, from home remedies to just plain common sense!

Read the news and the latest in the press about Carnatic music, from Google.

Carnatic soap opera story continues, starting with chapter 1. Get absorbed!

FAQ, the Frequently Asked Questions about karnATik is now available. Get your questions answered, or post your own.

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