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karnATik privacy policy

Since this karnATik website is getting bigger and bigger and now there are mailing lists and other tools where you can interact, it's time for a privacy policy.

What you should know: I promise NOT to rent, sell or give away your email address or name or any other information to a third party who is not connected with the site, nor will you be signed up for spam or other mailing lists. This means the only people who have your email address will be me (rani), the trusty Mr.Ragde, and possibly one or two others to whom we refer your requests when necessary. Other than this, all of us will NOT share your information with anyone else without your permission.

Also, all information you provide is optional. If you don't want to enter your email address, just leave the field blank or type in junk. Just remember I can't contact you without it.

No spam. If you want out of the newsletter, etc. just unsubscribe on the mailing list site (here) or email us (contact form here). You will be promptly removed. Also, the newsletter is going to generally be ad-free but may contain up to 3 ads at any one time. The company that provides the service will have to include their advertisement for me to keep it free.

This site does NOT contain adult content or anything requiring you to be 18 or over. If you are NOT, however, please get your parent or guardian's consent before sharing your personal information.

This privacy policy may change. If you have an issue about privacy that is not addressed here, please let us know and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

This site is produced using Geocities, owned by Yahoo. You can also review Yahoo's privacy policy here.

Most important YOUR PRIVACY AND SAFETY is important on the Internet. Don't take it lightly. Scan every file you download (install anti-virus software if you haven't already) and don't share information you are uncomfortable sharing. Surf safe!

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updated on 12/27/2008