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Here we post the downloads that are available on this Carnatic music website. Come here for everything downloadable, whether files or audio! Have a problem? An idea? Send us your comments. The program needed to view/run/print each download is given in parentheses.

Assignment Sheets - keep track of your music practice or keep track of your students' progress (Adobe Acrobat)

Audio Beginners' Lessons - Individual - click on each file to download individual lessons or parts of them (Real Player)

Audio Beginners' Lessons - Zipped - send a message to get access to all the zipped Real Audio lessons (Real Player)

Audio sampler - eight full songs in various song styles by different performers and instruments, to give you a taste of the variety of Carnatic music (mp3 format).

Coloring pages - students can color a mridangam or veena, or try Goddess Saraswati or Saint Tyaagaraaja.

Concert notes - to keep track of songs and concerts performed (Adobe Acrobat)

Glossary of Carnatic terms - definitions for common and rare words used in carnatic music (Adobe Acrobat)

List of Compositions on karnATik - a composition list you can take to concerts, with song names, raga, composer, and tala (Adobe Acrobat) (Updated July 2007, old version from 2004 available here

Melakarta Chart - Print out your own copy of the melakarta chart. What swaras does simhEndra madhyamam have? What is the other name for pantuvaraaLi? Which raga is number 23? (Adobe Acrobat)

Music Certificate - to motivate and reward your students (Adobe Acrobat)

Music Stickers - large - use them to motivate or brighten up (Adobe Acrobat)

Music Stickers - small - sarigama and smileys (Adobe Acrobat). Use them on keyboards, or homework sheets, or hands!

Notations for Beginners' Lessons - full written notations for all the beginners' lessons (Adobe Acrobat)

Notebook Sheets - for writing lyrics the right way (Adobe Acrobat)

Online Shruti Box - download digital audio versions of your shruti if you don't have your own

Singers' Audio - audio files of songs performed by visitors to karnATik

*If you have trouble downloading files, please contact us. However, if the site is down or the link is not working, this should be a temporary problem because of a large amount of traffic, data transfer, or site maintenance. If this happens, please come back after an hour or so. Thanks!

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updated on 03/20/2009