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Carnatic Fun Games!

Think you know enough about Carnatic? Have some fun with it, whether you're 8 or 80. Send us your comments.

Carnatic Music Word Search - Find these words that relate to Carnatic music, up, down, diagonal and backwards.

Raga Word Search - Can you find the raga names?

karnATik krossword - Crafty clues to Carnatic composers

Jumble - Unscramble anagrams and find the phrase!

Jigsaw - Figure out who this composer is by putting the puzzle together!

Carnatic Mad Lib - Fill in the words and read your own hilarious Carnatic Music story

Coloring pages - These new coloring pages of Carnatic instruments will keep kids busy. Try coloring a mridangam or a veena. New: color Tyagaraja or Goddess Saraswati!

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