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Carnatic Information Index - This page is a Tour Guide for Carnatic music. Start at the top and keep clicking the "next" links to learn all you can about this beautiful art form. If you're confused, just jump back here to learn more using the Easy Links on the left of each page. Have fun on your tour!

Before you begin
what you should know about these pages
A commentary
Carnatic for Dummies

don't know what Carnatic is? Start here
Introduction to Carnatic Music
a beginner's introduction, especially for those who know Western music
History of Carnatic music
a brief history and timeline
what you didn't know about the notes of Carnatic
Introduction to Raaga
the melakarta system and table
Janya ragas
what they are and the types
Identifying Raagas
a very easy way to be a master at identification
Reverse Janya List
know the notes? know the melakarta? Use this page to find the name of the raaga!
Expanded Janya List
over 7000 ragas listed, including ones not on the raaga pages
Equivalent Raagas
a table of equivalent ragas in Hindustani and Carnatic music, with corresponding taaT and melakartas
Close raagas
how to distinguish some commonly confused ragas that are close in scale or general "feel"
Raga and rasa
ragas for songs and their rasas, or the emotions they evoke
Time of day
the appropriate times for each raaga
Introduction to TaaLa
a beginner's introduction to the taaLa system
TaaLa table
table of all the major taaLas
the (more than) 10 types and what they mean
Singing Practice
how to effectively practice singing
Carnatic Notation and Symbols
symbols used in traditional notation and on these pages
Useful References
books and tapes you may find useful

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updated on 03/20/2009