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We have used these books and references in creating these pages (please also see our Shout Outs page for other thank-yous). You may find many of these books useful in your own study of Carnatic music. For a full list of many books in Carnatic music, please go to our book list.

Alphabetical Index of Karnatic Songs by 33400 song entries arranged: 1. Alphabetically, 2. Ragawise, 3. Composerwise (songs alphabetical), 4. Melawise and 5. Composerwise (songs by ragas). In addition there are two lists of the arohanas/avarohanas of all the ragas, some 5000 of them, one arranged alphabetically and the other janyawise. There are also other related files on raga equivalents, synonyms, raga mudras etc. For those who wish to refer to refer to songs at a concert, an Alphabetical Index of Karnatak Songs is also available in a two volume set. The first part has the same 33400 entries with raga, tala, composer, janya, text reference and notation reference where available. The second part has two cross-reference indexes, one for ragas and the other for composers, the two arohas/avarohas lists mentioned earlier and the related files. Each book has about 570 pp., 8 1/2" X 11" size. Perfectbound with plastic coated cardstock covers. CD and books are $25 each. To get a copy, please

Brochure on Musical Instruments, Vol. II, by the Development Centre for Musical Instruments, India - lists the instruments they've developed, as on the Instruments page.

Raga Pravaham (English edition) by D Pattammal and Dr. MN Dhandapani - lists over 5000 raagas with an index and by janya, plus interesting articles on the naming systems and equivalent raagas and raaga names. Also available in other scripts.

More books listed here. For dance-related books, go here.

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updated on 12/27/2008