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How To Contribute To karnATik

Over the years, I've been thrilled to hear from people who want to send money, send contributions, or help out karnATik in some way. We are immensely grateful and gratified that so many of you want to help us, so we put together a list of ways YOU can contribute:

  1. Participate The first and most important way you can help us is by participating in the site. Visit regularly to send more money to charity, post in our forums, answer the polls, read our stories and kartoons, and download our downloads. Most of all, we want you to be involved in karnATik - that's what it's here for!

  2. Send money Since so many people have offered to pay for subscription, we are glad, but would rather see the money go to charity. We'd never want karnATik to become a paid service, and who wants content to go to only a select few? To encourage a community of sharing, we recommend that you send your money to worthy charities, like those on our charity page.

  3. Send us your songs If you have some talent, find a song that doesn't have audio on our site, and sing it for us. That would be a HUGE help. For details, see here. We would also love to have your own Carnatic compositions, with lyrics.

  4. Send meanings, notations, lyrics We are always looking for meanings for songs - if you see one that doesn't have it and can translate, please send it to us and we'll include it. Notations are also welcome if they are typed and not scanned from a book. Please only send lyrics to rare songs, since we already have most songs by well-known and popular composers.

  5. Tell your friends One of the most helpful things you can do to spread word about karnATik is to tell your friends and others. I admit, I go around telling people I meet who are interested in music about the site, and I'm proud to have all of you as ambassadors! If you like what you see, tell someone.

  6. Share music Last, and most important of all, make Carnatic music a part of your life. Learn, read, study, teach, perform, and enjoy. That is what makes for an active Carnatic music community, without bias against other forms of music.

Thank you all for making karnATik, Carnatic music, and the world a little better everyday!

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updated on 03/20/2009