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Listed here are interesting finds of use to Carnatic musicians of all kinds! You can even get it as an RSS feed by downloading this file. You can read it with a reader like this one.

July 30, 2007 Find: Radio Classic

India Meets Classic plays podcasts of classical music radio, including a separate Carnatic channel.

July 17, 2007 Find: Carnaticsoft?

This article chronicles a trip of Bill Gates to the Madras Music Season. You judge whether it is realistic.

July 1, 2007 Find: Shruti Software

Riyaz Studio lets you have rhythm and shruti in one with their electronic tambura and tabla software.

May 14, 2007 Find: Multiplying By Music

Sandesha's new audio CD teaches multiplication by singing! An easy way to learn math and music at once. Read more here.

November 14, 2006 Find: Melas for Western Musicians

Want to know what the melakartas mean in terms of Western scales? Here is a primer.

October 10, 2006 Find: KMBC Update

The Karnatic Music Book Centre has a new store and a new website. THey have an online catalog and will ship anywhere.

October 4, 2006 Find: 24 hour Carnatic

If you live outside the Americas and you don't already have 24 hours of Carnatic radio in your home, you're missing something! Shruti is a 24-hour Carnatic music satellite radio channel available through Worldspace Radio. Sadly, you can't get it in the US, at least not yet.

September 1, 2006 Find: Hum Finder

If you can whistle, or sing, or play up a tune or beat, maybe your computer can figure out what it is! That is what this program attempts to do, with its cutting edge Open Music Encyclopedia.

August 31, 2006 Find: Moods and Modes

Western music originally had ragas, but they were called modes. You can learn about the relationship between ragas and modes here.

August 29, 2006 Find: Lessons From Neyveli

Now you can learn Carnatic music online from Neyveli Santhanagopalan through India Music Info, from beginning sarali varisais up to neraval and more.

August 23, 2006 Find: Mozart Meets Carnatic

As a tribute to Mozart, several Carnatic musicians have together released an album that forms a symphony of six ragas.

August 14, 2006 Find: Flaut it

Always wanted to learn the flute? Now you only need a flute and a browser with this online flute course.

July 26, 2006 Find: Music heals

It is now official. Music that elicits emotional responses can help people heal from physical diseases. Read more on Utne.

July 24, 2006 Find: Mood music

If you're sad, what will you listen to? New music software tries to sort out what you want to listen to according to your mood.

June 26, 2006 Find: Non-believers

You do not have to believe in Carnatic music to appreciate it. Or do you? This article addresses the question.

June 22, 2006 Find: Music Search

Another musical search site, but this one has a section on the main page for "Classical Indian!"

June 21, 2006 Find: Resources

Did you just build a new Carnatic website? Looking for the latest book? This newsgroup is only for Carnatic resources.

June 20, 2006 Find: Academic Aspects

What is the latest research in Carnatic music? Where can you go to discuss the finer aspects of developing knowledge in the South Indian Classical music world? Try this site, which is a newsgroup for discussion of Carnatic research.

June 19, 2006 Find: Copyrights

Let's say you sing a song, and put it on the web. Who owns the copyright? What stops someone from taking over your song and selling a CD of it? That's why you need a copyright. Try Creative Commons for an easy way to get that nagging worry out of your head and still share music freely.

June 16, 2006 Find: Slow Gold

Is your teacher's gamaka just too insanely fast for you to know what he is singing? Want to catch that beautiful violin alapana in slow motion? A software program for Windows called SlowGold does just that. No more faking.

June 15, 2006 Find: Singing Fish

Not just another audio search engine, Singing Fish allows you to search the web for audio AND video, narrow by file type, search by keyword, and more. A search for "carnatic" turned up 1221 results.

June 13, 2006 Find: Questions answered

If you want a question on Carnatic music answered, where do you go? Try one of the numerous forums, but here's a new resource - expert sites. Try Ammas.com, where online "mothers" answer questions on a range of topics.

April 24, 2006 Find: Karaoke Karnatik

So, you hav practiced that song from that CD, and now you want to sing it, but wish you had the same lovely background music? Use this Vocal remover that strips your music files of vocal tracks. Sing on!

April 21, 2006 Find: Notecards

A new way to learn to sight read Western notes quickly. The Notecard software uses playing cards and flashcards to help you remember the notes! Scroll down to Other freeware to find it.

April 20, 2006 Find: Online Music Workshop

Bruce is someone you want to know. He offers online workshops on how to play guitar, some of which are applicable to other instruments. It's all Western and jazz-based but still relevant at the Arnold Jazz Music Workshop.

April 19, 2006 Find: Lessons from Berklee

The famous Berklee school of music offers online lessons for various instruments. You can look through PDF lessons, listen to audio, and watch video classes at Berklee Shares.

April 18, 2006 Find: More teachers

Those looking for a violin teacher in Indonesia or a vocal teacher in Delaware need look no further. This listing covers all types of music but is searchable within the US by state or around the world by country as well as instrument or voice. Check out Teachlist.

April 13, 2006 Find: How many beats?

Have you been singing faster or slower than you should? Need to set your metronome to the same speed as a CD song? You can find out the number of beats per minute of any song with this handy tool from ABRPM (PC only).

April 4, 2006 Find: Carnatic Fusion

If you're a Carnatic lover, you'll soon find yourself in one of two camps. You either love or hate fusion music. A new age of popularity of fusion music is just on the horizon, so how are you going to respond? Read more.

April 3, 2006 Find: Raag blogs

Carnatic blogs are taking over the landscape, and you can have your chance to spew about all your Carnatic-related adventures. Try Sulekha, for example, which has a collection of heavily TNS-related blogs.

March 29, 2006 Find: How We Hear

Big kids and little ones may wonder how the ear works. How does hitting that instrument turn into a sound we can actually make sense out of? This primer covers details but without the scientific jargon.

March 21, 2006 Find: Must-listen

You may have come across it before, but did you know Todd McComb's Carnatic Recording List has a lot more? Look through the carefully selected lists, read the reviews and comments, find out what songs are on the CD, and if you want to, you can buy the CDs.

March 20, 2006 Find: Online Library

Did you know that at the Universal Digital Library, you can read almost 50 Carnatic and music-related books for free? The titles include ones in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Sanskrit, and English, and cover Annamacharya, Tyagaraja, and Dasa kritis among other topics.

March 17, 2006 Find: Books

Looking for more books? Vedams books has another 50 books on Carnatic music available, plus they say they can get you any book by any publisher currently published in India. You can order online, too.

March 16, 2006 Find: Satellite radio

Another radio station of all-Carnatic music you can listen to 24/7! Look for the Shruti station (as well as others) on World Space.

March 14, 2006 Find: Mridangam lessons

Mridangists can now get their lesson notations online along with a standardized notation system, at Korvai.

March 13, 2006 Find: Carnatic Radio

If you have been listening to KZSU online or All India Radio hoping for snippets of Carnatic radio, you can now get Carnatic music radio anytime at Music India Online, which has a radio section.

March 2, 2006 Find: Bol Processor

Geeky types who know how to encode MIDI songs and create fancy songs that can be played online do not need this. But for the rest of us, the Bol Processor makes composing MIDI songs a little easier. Best of all, this software is free.

February 23, 2006 Find: Sunadhalaya

If you're not satisfied with Carnatic software geared solely at melodic aspects, Shree Technologies has a new software system that allows you to fine-tune the tambura and adjust every beat of the tala. You can read more about it here.

February 20, 2006 Find: Carnatic birthdays

Looking for both relevant and inane trivia on your favorite Carnatic musicians? You can look up birthdays, death anniversaries, raga info, and more at India Music Info.

February 17, 2006 Find: Blue mridangam blood

If you're a mridangam student, you might be able to trace your roots back to one of the greats. But how? Check out this Guru-Sishya tree of mridangists, where you can find your teacher (or your teacher's teacher perhaps) and trace their scholarly lineage back several generations.

February 15, 2006 Find: Stream and record

We have mentioned Replay Music for recording streaming music, but for a little less, the Total recorder can do the same and more. This page lists some other useful recording tools as well.

February 14, 2006 Find: Film song ragas

Searching for ragas from a particular movie, or which movies have songs in bhairavi can be a tough task. Try Suraj's Film music search, the filmi complement to his Raga search for Carnatic songs.

February 13, 2006 Find: Guitar Tabs

Looking for the guitar version of mahaa ganapatim? Novice Carnatic guitarists and experts can get tabs and notations at Indian Guitar Tabs.

February 10, 2006 Find: PaNN and Raga

What is the old Tamil equivalent of madyamaavati? What is the raga chevvazhi? You can find a table of equivalents between Tamil paNNs and modern Carnatic ragas, along with mp3 audio samples here.

February 7, 2006 Find: Custom CDs

Need a new copy of the scratchy old tape? Can't find your favorite songs anywhere? Chances are it's been released by Saregama, aka HMV, through Hamara CD. Search for the songs you want, add them to a custom CD and you'll have the perfect collection rebuilt.

February 6, 2006 Find: Music downloads

Want even MORE audio? You can download audio from Coolgoose if it is not available at Music India Online.

February 2, 2006 Find: Carnatic podcasts

Looking for a little Carnatic for your mp3 player? Two podcasts on Carnatic music are currently available. The first is of the Mambalam Sisters from here and the second includes conversations with TN Krishnan here.

January 26, 2006 Find: Hearing loss?

These days you can listen to music on the computer or your portable player for hours on end. But what does that do to your ears? Be safe by listening in short blocks. Read more.

January 25, 2006 Find: Learn by CD

No teachers nearby? Want to learn Carnatic on your own? Prefer a computer to a real person? Now you can learn in your pajamas. Blue Lotus is a way to learn music through a series of CDs. You can learn vocal or even mridangam with it!

January 23, 2006 Find: Transliteration software

You may have tried ITRANS or Bahara to convert songs into Indian languages. Now IIT-Madras is developing software to write out lyrics in detailed notation, complete with lines and squiggles. Read about all their projects here.

January 16, 2006 Find: Sruti bedam

If you shift the ri of shankarabharaNam by one note upwards, what raga do you get? You can try it out on K Varadarangan's Shrutibedha software for MS-DOS. It can find all the moorchanas of a given raga, and maybe even find brand new ragas! (by the way, the answer is kharaharapriya). Read more here.

January 11, 2006 Find: Sending notes

Need to send your classmate, teacher, or students a copy of your music notes? Don't shlep over to the copy machine and hand it to them a week later! Instead, you can just take a digital photograph and email it. Or scan it in with a scanner (a handheld one if it's English!). Then send the large files to each other with Gmail.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: January 10, 2006

How many seconds does a beat take when the tempo is 72 beats per minute? What about two beats? You can calculate digital delays with this Delay Time Calculator. It's also useful for matching tempo when you're playing and recording.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: January 9, 2006

New year, new player? If you want to get a new digital music player, consider which music service you prefer as well. Check out a comparison of the big ones here.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 23, 2005

Want to convert your mp3 or wav files to MIDI format? Try that here. Then you can convert that MIDI file into sheet music, directly with this software. For a trial (free) version, try here and here.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 22, 2005

Once, there was a stamp for Tyagaraja, then for TT Krishnamachari, and now for MS Subbulakshmi. Who will be next?

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 20, 2005

Looking for more raga lakshanas? India Music Info has lakshanas for a number of ragas, alphabetically organized.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 16, 2005

Despite the controversy surrounding their website, Wikipedia's entry for carnatic music has, surprisingly, a lot of information. You may need a font download to see everything, but find out about talas, swaras, how to write the different swaras in different languages, structure of compositions and more. You can also try looking up entries on other words.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 15, 2005

One of the Indian Idol contestants is trained in Carnatic music. Read more.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 14, 2005

Looking for the raga or composer of a composition that's not yet on karnATik? You can, of course, email us but you might want to check here first!

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 13, 2005

Something missing from the karnATik glossary? Try this page, which has a comprehensive dictionary of tala-related terms.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 12, 2005

How do you organize your music collection? By artist? By song? Well, start uploading your CDs and converting your tapes, because you can organize them all with a good music player. Try iTunes or Anapod Explorer. Then you can sort and find them any way you like.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 9, 2005

Japanese meets Indian when karaoke meets Carnatic. Read more.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 8, 2005

Not feeling well? Listen to some music - it has been shown to improve various aspects of your health! learn more here.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 7, 2005

If you have not yet read Ramesh Mahadevan's Gentle Introduction To Carnatic Music, do it now!

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 6, 2005

A perspective on visiting India for the Chennai music festival, at Hinduism today. Read here.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 5, 2005

A Carnatic music tutorial with 14 instruments for composing your own South Indian Classical music. Visit SwarShala.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 2, 2005

Add to your dream room with a good online practice. Try the online music teacher, which shows you how to play keyboard by ear. Substitute sa ri ga ma pa da ni for do re mi fa so la ti!

Carnatic Find Of the Day: December 1, 2005

Your ideal practice room: a room made of invisible speakers, a smart music system, and a easy-to-use, wire-free entertainment center. Add your shruti box and you're geared to go!

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 30, 2005

Want to create a database of all the recorded music you have? What about concert lists? Add entries into Google Base to build a free database network on the web.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 29, 2005

What is different about a Hindustani concert versus a Carnatic one? What are banis? Answers to these and other basics in Carnatic music are here.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 28, 2005

Percussionists will love this site on how to play the kanjira. It starts from first steps and is geared towards students of Western music, but it has nice pictures and notations.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 23, 2005

Looking for freebies? E Prarthana has lots of images of gods and goddesses, as well as screen savers.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 22, 2005

You can find Indian books related to Carnatic music from suppliers in India, but what about books in English that mention Carnatic music? Try Google's book search, which turned up 384 books that mention "carnatic music." Try other searches like "Thyagaraja music" (33), raga (7340), and "south indian classical music" (1260).

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 18, 2005

Although geared towards Western musicians, the Music Teacher's Resource site has useful lesson plans, tips, and useful bits you can use in your classes.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 17, 2005

The Alexander Technique has helped Western musicians sing properly. Can it help you with your Carnatic music? Try it here.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 16, 2005

What do sa ri ga ma translate to in do re me notation? What ARE do re and mi anyway? How do you express R1, R2, and R3? Find out more about solfege at Wikipedia.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 15, 2005

Morsing players beware! You're bound to have some competition. Always wanted to play a morsing, or jaw (or Jew's) harp? Take a free lesson on this site.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 14, 2005

Want to make your own personal list of fave Carnatic music sites? Maybe a list of sites on the veena, or kalyani? You can do that and share it with the world at Rollyo.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 9, 2005

In the old days, singers and ascetics sat on deer and tiger skins during their daily practice. In a more conscious world, we turn to other materials. Instead of sitting directly on the floor, always have a sheet or mat under you. A good woven mat covered with a sheet will help you keep your posture because it's not too hard or soft.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 8, 2005

Got a string instrument, like a veena? Learn how to take care of it so it stays in good shape here.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 7, 2005

What music do they play in Indonesia? South Africa? Look them up on this interactive world map. Click on a country to find out more about it and the music there.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 3, 2005

Sometimes you don't need to carry around a whole shruti box. You just want to know where sa and pa are. In such cases, a simple pitch pipe is all you need. You choose the pitch and play it. Here are some you can try, or check your local music store.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: November 1, 2005

Do you have trouble keeping your tala steady? Use the ticking of a loud clock to keep you in time, or invest in an adjustable metronome. If you're really serious about trying different talas and using them (or if you play a percussion instrument), it's worth the investment of a tala meter, which can be set to almost any tala and will identify the different beats for you.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween! If you have trick or treaters at your door, hand out some musical candy, like whistle pops. Or give them a real treat with a fun recording or a kazoo.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 28, 2005

Training your voice is as important as practicing songs. Use our lessons for Carnatic training, but for general voice practice, follow these tips.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 27, 2005

If you play the violin, you want to take good care of your instrument. Do you know how to look for problems and fix them? Here are some instructions on how to identify problems and fix them.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 26, 2005

A good Carnatic musician can crack open a book of notations and read and sing or play the music almost immediately. Sight reading is easy with good notations, but you have to know what the double lines mean, what the carets and tala inscriptions stand for, and how to read the swaras. So, here's a primer.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 25, 2005

Do have a growing pile of old tapes from music classes, lying there uncataloged? Consider switching to a digital voice recorder. You can record each class to a separate file (name it), upload it to your computer, burn it to CD, play it back whenever. The files will have date stamps, too, so you know when the class was. Compare different brands and models before you buy.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 24, 2005

You are not off the hook just because you don't YET have a sore throat. Keep your voice in shape by following these tips. Scroll down to where it says Tips to prevent voice problems.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 22, 2005

Getting a sore throat just before your concert? Try these home remedies before you panic!

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 21, 2005

Want to know what events are going on in Chennai? Check The Hindu, listings for which are at Carnatic Sangeetham.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 20, 2005

Want to listen to Carnatic music created from notations? Interested in making your own? Rasika and Gaayaka software allow you to enter notes or use notation files, then listen to them! Get it here.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 14, 2005

Looking for Christian songs in Carnatic ragas? Perhaps Father Chelladurai can help. Read about his efforts here.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 13, 2005

Need a carnatic music or dance book? Check out The Karnatic Music Book Centre, the place all the big shots go to get their books. They have a LARGE catalog and will make an effort to find the book you're looking for. [update 3/16/06 new website http://www.carnaticbooks.com]

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 7, 2005

Need to convert something to mp3? Try Replay Music. You can convert any streaming audio into mp3 files. It's easy to use and doesn't cost too much. You can also try it out for free.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 6, 2005

Kids can read these great stories from Carnatica. They're all stories relating to music! Click here to see the list and read.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 5, 2005

This dictionary allows you to translate words from Sanskrit or Tamil to English. Stumped by a word you see in a song? Just plug it in here and find out what it means. Check out the meaning of the word "sruti."

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 4, 2005

Looking for audio files? Yahoo has an audio search that helps you find specific audio files. A quick search for "enna thavam" came up with Lalgudi Jayaraman and Kadri Gopalnath for starters. It's not perfect but it's pretty fast! Try it out.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 3, 2005

If you're one of the unlucky who's just not capable or talented enough to program your own Carnatic ringtones into your cell phone, fret no more. Chennai Online has a set of pretty songs you can download for as little as 5 rupees or 28 cents. Check 'em out here.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: October 2, 2005

If you live in the US (especially California) and want to find out the latest Carnatic concert happening near you, check out India Currents' cultural calendar. It lists events for about a month and a half in advance.

Carnatic Find Of the Day: September 30, 2005

Today's all-new find is a Yahoo! vs Google comparison. Compare the kinds of sites Google comes up with for the search term "carnatic music" to those Yahoo! does. Pretty cool, huh?

Try it here. Or put in your own search term to test.

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