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Song: brOvakayuNDuTa - Click to listen (K Ramaraj and MN Sriram)!

brOvaka yuNDuTa
raagam: vaasanti

27 sarasaangi janya
Aa: S R2 G3 P D1 S
Av: S D1 P G3 R2 S

taaLam: aadi
Composer: K Ramaraj
Language: Telugu


brOvakayuNDuTa nyAyamA?
pAvana shrI raghu kula sArva bhowmA nannu


bAvuka shrI hanumanta padAmbuja
sEvanamE ati pAvanamanina nannu


munu nE jEsina pUjA phalamu
ninu smariyincina sowbhAgyamu
anavaratamu vAsanti yanu rAga
pAnamu shraviyimpa jEsina nannu

pallavi: Oh ! Raama (Raghukula) Saarvabhaumaa !! Is it fair (on your part) to remain unmindful of my plea to protect me ?

anupallavi: Didn't I deem the the Daasyamaana Bhakti of HANUMAAN (the SUPREME Musician) and a person of few and selective sweet words) is superior than the SUPEREMO HIMSELF !!

caraNam: Aren't You aware of my conviction that the Fruits are all due to my previous birth�s penance, Which includes the very thought of your lotus feet And the one derived from dedicating my musical out-pourings Thru� the melody of Vaasanthi,endearing to fill the Discerning ears.Don�t u still feel it fit to protect me ?


Other information:
Lyrics and meaning contributed by K. Ramaraj.

This song is in praise of Lord Raama.

Song performed for karnATik by K. Ramaraj, and also by MN Sriram, in honor of Mr.Ramaraj for a speedy recovery from his illness in February 2008.

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updated on 06/20/2013