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Song: chadariya jhini re jhini (bhajan)

chadhariya jini re jini

Composer: Kabir
Language: Hindi

chadariya jhini re jhini

kabira jab-a ham-a paida hue
jag-a hanse ham-a roye
aisi karani kar-a chalo
mai hasun jag-a roye
chadariya jhini re jhini
hey ram-a nam-a ras-a bhini
chadariya jhini re jhini


asht-a kamal-a ka chakha banaiya
panch-a tatva ki puni
nao das-a mas-a bunan-a ko lage (x2)
murakh-a maili kinhi, chadariya

jhini re jhini
hey ram-a nam-a ras-a bhini
chadariya, jhini re jhini


jab-a meri chadar-a ban-a ghar-a ayee
rang-a rej-a ko dinhi,
(chadariya rang-a rej-a ko dinhi)(1st x thru
aisa rang-a ranga rangare ne (x2)
lalo lal-a kar-a dinhi, chadariya


chadar-a orhe shankar mat-a kariyo
do din-a tumko dinhi chadariya (x2)
do din-a tumko dinhi
murakh-a log-a bhed-a nahi jane (x2)
din din maili kinhi, chadariya
jhini re jhini.....(refrain)


druv-a prahelad-a sudama ne orhi (x2)
shukdev-a ne nirmala kinhi
das-a kabir jatan-a se orhi (x2)
jyon ki tyon dhar-a dinhi, chadariya
jhini re jhini....(refrain)

I cried and the world laughed
My deeds are as such, that when I die
I will laugh and the world will cry
Body is a delicate, transparent sheet
drenched and woven in the extra of Lord Rama's name
The spinning wheel is made from eight lotuses
(The eight chakras of the body)

The cotton is spun from the five elements
It takes 9-10 months to weave it completely
The ignorant have stained it and made it unclean
Once this sheet is completed, it is delivered
then given to the dyer (Guru)
Such a strong color was given by the dyer
That he made it completely red
(Red symbolizes Self-Realization)
Don't have doubts as you wear the covering (the body)
For a very short time (2 days) it has been given to you
The ignorant do not know the reason or depth of it
Day after day they have stained and spoiled it
Druv, Prahelad and Sudama have all worn it

Shukdev purified it
Kabir wore it with great care
He laid it down as such, as it had been given to him

Other information:
Lyrics contributed by Lakshman Ragde.

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updated on 06/07/2006