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Song: deenan dukh haran (bhajan)

dhinan dhukh haran

Composer: Surdas
Language: Hindi (Braj Basha)

dInan dukh haran dEv santan hitakAri
ajAmil gIdh vyAdh in mE kahO kaun sAdh
panchI kO pad paDAt gaNikA sI tArI
dhruv kE sir chhatr dEt prahlAd kO ubAr lEt
bhakt hEt bAndhyO sEt lank purI jArI
tandul dEt rIjh jAt sAg pAtasOn aghAt
ginat nahi jUThE phal khATE mIThE khArI
gaj kO jab grAh grasyO duhshAsan cIr khasyO
sabhA bIc krSN krSN draupadI pukArI
itanE hari Ai gayE basnan ArUD bhayE
sUrdAs dvArE ThADO AndharO bhikArI

O! Lord! You remove the sorrow of the afflicted and do what benefits the good ones Ajamila, the vulture, the hunter – Tell me who is good among these! You made the bird fall on the way, and prorected even the courtesan! You placed the crown on Dhruva’s head, and protected Prahlada For the sake of devotees, you bridged the ocean and burnt the city of Lanka! You were pleased with the little rice, got satiety with a meal of leaves! You did not mind the half-eaten fruit, ate the sour and the sweet! When the crocodile got hold of the elephant When Dushshasan pulled the robe, in the midst of the assembly, when Draupadi called Krishna! Krishna! Immediately You , Hari, came determined to protect! Please come to the door of Surdas, the blind beggar!

Other information:
Lyrics contributed by Lakshman Ragde.

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updated on 09/16/2007