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Song: ennaaLLu nee trOva

ennaaLLu nee thrOva
raagam: kaapi

22 kharaharapriya janya
Aa: S R2 M1 P N3 S
Av: S N2 D2 N2 P M1 G2 R2 S

taaLam: caapu
Composer: Tyaagaraaja
Language: Telugu


ennALLu nI trOva jUtu rAma Emani nE broddubrOtu

caraNam 1

nIkE manasicci nEnu rAma nI mEnani pEncinAnu

caraNam 2

andarivale nE nI bhuvilO brommalATa lADudugAni madilO

caraNam 3

dharanu karmamulanu gOriyuNTi dalacu konnadi vErE dAri

caraNam 4

rAmayya nalugurilOna nA lO marmamulu delpavalenA

caraNam 5

rasikulakE saribOnu vatti tasukulake hAsyamaunu

caraNam 6

tolli bhaktula vadda koluvO rAvu galugu dhanamulaku selavO

caraNam 7

enduku inta parAku rAma ikanu tappulu beTTa bOku

caraNam 8

entani rAltu kann ru jAli evaritO delipitE dIru

caraNam 9

pUlammi bratikina vAru rAma pullalamma bilva rAru

caraNam 10

tanake puTTina illu nIvu tappaka nI krpa cellu

caraNam 11

AshincinadE tappA nIkA buddhivaddu mAyappA

caraNam 12

kali marmamu teliyalEni nAvale dInudilalOnu galadA

caraNam 13

palumAru ninu dUrukoNTi A phalamu nanubhavincu koNTi

caraNam 14

toli karmamu rAkabOn bhakti velugucE dIraka bOnA

caraNam 15

Aculakana nIku gAdA rAma Ecu buddhi viDarAdA

caraNam 16

O jagadIsha kharArE tyAgarAju nIvADani pErE

RAma! How long can I wait for your arrival hoping against hope? I have not only entrusted my mind to you but regard this body of mine as yours. In this world, whatever I may be indulging in, my mind is ever oriented towards you. Like others I am playing the game of puppetry in this world, but you are in my heart. RAmayya! What do you gain by exposing my innermost thoughts to the sneering men who take delight at others' plight, and deride those who are full of guile? What do you lose by obliging me? Do not falsely accuse me to justify your disregard. Have you stayed put among old devotees of repute? Will you lose your wealth by coming to me? I go on weeping, with none to whom to pour out my heart. I have nowhere else to go but to you. Your mercy is infallible. Is there anyone who is such a simpleton as to be ignorant of the effect of Kali? Probably all this is the effect of my abusing you. No wonder I am reaping the fruit. But then, is not devotion to you powerful enough to prevail over one's past sins? Those who live by selling flowers will not stoop to sell firewood. If out of despair I abandon my devotion and stoop to some inferior mode of living, is it not a blot on you? Lord of the world! O Warrior who destroyed Khara! Shun this obstinacy and demonstrate to the world thatI am yours, not merely in name but in reality, too!

Other information:
Meaning from Compositions of Tyagaraja by T.K. Govinda Rao.

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updated on 06/05/2012