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Song: enduku nirdaya evarunnaaruraa - Click to listen (Hyderabad Brothers)!

endhuku nirdhaya evarunnaaruraa
raagam: harikaambhOji

28 harikaambhOji mela
Aa: S R2 G3 M1 P D2 N2 S
Av: S N2 D2 P M1 G3 R2 S

taaLam: dEshaadi
Composer: Tyaagaraaja
Language: Telugu


enduku nirdaya evarunnArurA


indu nibhAnana inakula candana

caraNam 1

parama pAvana parimaLa pAghana

caraNam 2

nE paradEshi bApave gAsi

caraNam 3

uduta bhakti gani uppa tillaga lEdA

caraNam 4

shatrula mitrula samamuga jUce nIk-

caraNam 5

dharalO nIvai tyAgarAjupai

Why the denial of your grace to me? O Lord! I have no one else to look up to. O Moonfaced one. Benefactor of the solar race. Redeemer, One with a body radiating fragrance! The atmosphere around me is far from being congenial! The distress I am in distracts my worship of you. Were you not delighted with the service of the tiny squirrel? (which contributed tiny clods of earth to the mighty bridge to Lanka?) You are known to be free from bias and to treat friends and foes alike. Is not this because, all the world is in you and you are in the world everywhere.

Notation available here at Shivkumar Kalyanaraman's Krithi Archive. Also, listen to the music class here.

Other information:
Lyrics contributed by Lakshman Ragde. Meaning from Compositions of Tyagaraja by TK Govinda Rao.

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