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Song: EnaaTi nOmu phalamO - Click to listen (Shivkumar Kalyanaraman)!

EnaaTi nOmu palamO
raagam: bhairavi

20 naTabhairavi janya
Aa: S R2 G2 M1 P D2 N2 S
Av: S N2 D1 P M1 G2 R2 S

taaLam: aadi
Composer: Tyaagaraaja
Language: Telugu


EnATi nOmu phalamO E dAna balamO


shrInAtha brahmakainanu nIdu sEva dorakunA tanaku galguTa

caraNam 1

nEnu kOrina kOrkE lellanu nEDu tanaku neravErEnu bhAnu-
vamsha tilaka nApAli bhAgyamA sajjana yOgyamA tanak-

caraNam 2

nIu dApu IEdu prApu dorikEnu nijamugA nE nI sommai-
tini AdidEva prANanAtha nAdanka mandunuci pUjinca

caraNam 3

sundarEsha suguNabrnda dasharatha nandana aravinda
nayana pAvana andagADa tyAgarAjanuta sukham
anubhavinca dorikErA danakika

What penance and vows have brought me this blessing? To which generous alms given by me do I owe this fortune? Lord of Lakshmi! Can even Brahma aspire for this darshana? You have condescended to grant me this darishana of your own accord. Gem of the solar race! All my desires have been fully satisfied today. O my Fortune and Protector! I have obtained your support and proximity. Really I have today become your property. O primordial God! Lord of my life! I have been blessed with the fortune of keeping you in my lap and worshipping you. One of ravishing beauty! One always surrounded by the virtuous and the pious! Son of Dasharatha! Possessor of lotus eyes! Pure one! One of extraordinary beauty! One worshipped by Tyagaraja! The blessing o supreme bliss has come my way!

O primordial one! Blessed Redeemer! I do not know as a result of what austerities or acts of charity of mine, I am privileged to do service to you, to have your close company and your support and to worship you, keeping you in my lap. I feel I have really become your property. I have thus been enabled to enjoy real happiness. All my long-cherished desires have been fulfilled.

Notation available here at Shivkumar Kalyanaraman's Krithi Archive.

Other information:
Lyrics contributed by Lakshman Ragde.

Illustrates aatma nivEdana, as mentioned here.

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updated on 05/23/2012