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Song: kaNDu kaNDEn

raagam: raagamaalika
taaLam: tishra Eka
Composer: Poontanam Nambootiri
Language: MalayaaLam

pallavi bhaagEshri

kaNDu kaNDaNN irikkuM janaNNaLe-
kkaNDilennu varuttunnatuM bhavAn (10)
raNDu nAlu dinaM koNDoruttane
taNDiletti naTattunnatuM bhavAn (12)
mALika mukaLERiya mannanTe
tOLil mARAppaNNAkkunnatum bhavAN (14)
kRSNa kRSNA mukundA janArdanA
kRSNa govinda nArAyaNA harE (149)

anupallavi naadanaamakriyaa

eNNiyeNNi kurayunnitAyussuM
maNDi maNDi kkarErunnu mohavuM (258)
ittamOrOnnu cinticcirikkavE
cattu pokunnu pAvaM shiva shiva (270)
kRSNa kRSNA mukundA janArdanA
kRSNa govinda nArAyaNA harE (149)

caraNam shubhapantuvaraaLi

kUTiyallA piRakkunna nerattuM
kUTiyallA marikkunna nerattum (290)
madhyEyiNNane kANunna nerattu
matsarikkunnatendinu nAm vRthA (292)
kRSNa kRSNA mukundA janArdanA
kRSNa govinda nArAyaNA harE (149)

Meaning: People whom we see every day, God makes them disappear one day.

In two or four days, God changes the detiny of a man, and puts him from palace to prison.

A King who is rich and arrogant today, God makes him bear heavy burden the next day!

While you count, your life gets shorter and shorter in a fast pace and we die one day.

Wre never were together while we were born, and we will never be together while we die. Then why possess jealosy, enimity, etc and waste your life?

Other information:
From a MalayaaLam poem. The lines are taken from his poem "JnAna ppAna", a poem in 358 couplet lines set in the Malayalam poetic style called "pAna". This work is on "JnAnam" (divine knowledge), and Nambuthiri speaks of Vedantham (vEdas) in very simple language.

The said lines "kaNDu kaNDan," which MS Subbulakshmi sings in her Balaji Pancharathanm album, are not in correct order but lines 10 -12, 258, etc in random order, but with good selection of lyrics and meanings.

(Correct lyrics, commentary and meaning by Swami Pallasena courtesy Lakshman Ragde).

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