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Song: aanandaamruta - Click to listen (M L Vasantakumari)!

Click to view in: Tamil

raagam: amritavarshini

66 citraambari janya
Aa: S G3 M2 P N3 S
Av: S N3 P M2 G3 S

taaLam: aadi
Composer: Muttuswaamee Dikshitar
Language: Sanskrit


aanandaa | mrutakarshiNi ||
aanandaa | mrutakarshiNi ||
amrutavarshiNee |
haraadi poojutE shivE bavaani ||

samaashTi caraNam

shree nandanaa- | di samrakshiNi ||
shree guruguha jana- | nee ... ||
shree nandanaa- | di samrakshiNi ||
shree guruguha jana- | nee sidroopiNi ||
saananda hrudaya nilayE sadaye |
satya soovrushti hE davEdvaam ||
santatam cintayE amrutEshwaree |
salilam varshaya varshaya varshaya ||

ciTTai Swaram

s,,g ,,mp nSnn ppmg |
s,,p ,,n, ,sgm pmmg ||
sg,m p,gm ,pn, pnSG |
S,,n pmmg s,,S npmg ||

Oh ShivE! Bhavaani! You charm the nectar like bliss. You cause the rain and you are worshipped by Shiva and others.

You protect Vishnu and others and you are the mother of prosperous Guruguha. You are of the form of knowledge and dwell in the heart of those steeped in bliss. You are the compassionate one. I meditate on you always to shower heavy rain at once. Please send rain more and more abundantly.

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