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Song: naam enna sheivom

nAm enna seivOm
raagam: punnAgavarALi

8 hanumatODi janya
Aa: N2 , S R1 G2 M1 P D1 N2
Av: N2 D1 P M1 G2 R1 S N2

taaLam: roopakam
Composer: Subramanya Bhaaratiyaar
Language: Tamil


nAm enna sheivOm tuNaivarE inda bhUmiyilillAda pudumaiyaik-kaNDOm

caraNam 1

tighainoruvanAlE ippaDiyAccu shemmaiyum tImaiyum illAmalE pOccu
pala dishaiyum duSTar kUTTangaLAccu paiyalgaL nenjil bhayamenbadE pOccu

caraNam 2

dEshattil eNNaTra pErgaLum keTTAr sheyyum tozhil murai yAvaiyum viTTAr
pEshuvOr vArttai tAtA sholliviTTAr pin vara variyAmal sutantiram toTTAr

caraNam 3

paTTam peTrOrkku madippenbadum illai paradEshap-pEccil mayangubavarillai
shaTTam marandOrkkup-pUjai kuraivillai sarkAriDam sholli pArttum payanillai

caraNam 4

shImait-tuNiyenrAl uLLam kodikkirAr shIrillaiyenrAlO eTTi midikkirAr
tAmettaiyO 'vandE' enru tudikkirAr taramaTra vArtaigaL pEshik-kudikkirAr

Meaning: What shall we do now, O friend, when we see things never seen before, on earth?
There is chaos in the land; there is no recognition of good nor evil; there are gangs of thugs in all directions, and these lads have no fear in their hearts.
Countless people listened, in this land; they quit their many modes of work and livelihood;
There is no regard for those with titles; nor are people charmed by the foreign speech; those with no regard for laws are engaged in worship! To the government we complain, only in vain.
Foreign cloth makes their blood boil; if it's below par, they treat it with contempt; overwhelmed with emotion, they chant 'vandE', and use inappropriate words, in their fury!

Other information:
Lyrics contributed by Lakshman Ragde. Meaning by Suhasini Jayakumar.

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updated on 07/26/2007